We can assure you that there is no sound issue with this app, please try one of these 4 methods to make it work again:

- In the Control Center Menu that you activate by swiping the bottom of your screen, please check that the crossed bell is not highlighted.

- The button on the side of the iPad might be on the "mute" position, switching it could restore the sound. Other developers sometimes override the mute button which is why the sound might work in other apps. To check: toggle the mute button and turn the volume up and open the app.

- You can also try just closing the app and re-opening it. To do so, double tap the main button, swipe to the right to find the app, slide the app towards the top of the screen with your finger. Double tap on the main button again and re-open the app.

- If that doesn't work you can uninstall the app by leaving your finger on the icon until it wiggles. Then tap the cross in the corner and confirm you want to delete the app. Go back on the AppStore and reinstall the app. Don t worry, Apple will not charge you again. As a matter of fact Apple will never charge you twice for the same app.

If none of these methods help, please contact us on support@edokiacademy.com.